Champagne houses & cellars

Enjoy the Champagne world in the well-known Champagne Houses which possess 250 km of cellars and Gallo-Roman galleries. They open their doors for tours, tastings...

Champagne houses

16 champagne houses are present in the city of Reims among which big names of international fame: Charles de Cazanove, Lanson, Martel, Mumm, Ruinart, Taittinger, Veuve-Clicquot and Vranken-Pommery.

Adresses and websites

Champagne Henri Abelé

Champagne Charles de Cazanove

Champagne De Castelnau

Champagne Lanson

Champagne Martel & Cie

La Maison Mumm

Champagne Pommery

Champagne Ruinart

Champagne Philippe de Sorbon

Champagne Taittinger

Champagne Thiénot

Champagne Veuve Clicquot

Activities about champagne

How is the Champagne made ? How do we choose it, taste it, keep it ? When can we drink it ? You will know everything about it, while travelling through the scenic Champagne Route and visiting the Champagne houses and winegrowers.

Illustration 0
Illustration 0 Vendangeur d'un jour
Illustration 1
Illustration 2
Illustration 2 Phare de Verzenay
Illustration 3
Illustration 3 Phare de Verzenay
Illustration 4
Illustration 4 Vendangeur d'un jour
Illustration 5
Illustration 5 Vendangeur d'un jour
Illustration 6
Illustration 6 Phare de Verzenay
Illustration 7
Illustration 7 Pré en bulles
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Last update : 07 June 2022

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