Champagne houses & cellars

Enjoy the Champagne world in the well-known Champagne Houses which possess 250 km of cellars and Gallo-Roman galleries. They open their doors for tours, tastings...

Champagne houses

16 champagne houses are present in the city of Reims among which big names of international fame: Charles de Cazanove, Lanson, Martel, Mumm, Ruinart, Taittinger, Veuve-Clicquot and Vranken-Pommery.

Illustration 0
Illustration 0 Champagne Abelé
Illustration 1
Illustration 1 Champagne Veuve Clicquot
Illustration 2
Illustration 2 Champagne Veuve Clicquot
Illustration 3
Illustration 3 Champagne Heidsieck
Illustration 4
Illustration 4 Champagne Henriot
Illustration 5
Illustration 5 Champagne Martel
Illustration 6
Illustration 6 Champagne Mumm
Illustration 7
Illustration 7 Champagne Palmer
Illustration 8
Illustration 8 Champagne Pommery
Illustration 9
Illustration 9 Champagne Pommery
Illustration 10
Illustration 10 Champagne Ruinart
Illustration 11
Illustration 11 Champagne Ruinart
Illustration 12
Illustration 12 Champagne Taittinger
Illustration 13
Illustration 13 Champagne Taittinger
Adresses and websites

Champagne Henri Abelé

Champagne Charles de Cazanove

Champagne De Castelnau

Champagne Lanson

Champagne Martel & Cie

La Maison Mumm

Champagne Pommery

Champagne Ruinart

Champagne Philippe de Sorbon

Champagne Taittinger

Champagne Thiénot

Champagne Veuve Clicquot

Activities about champagne

How is the Champagne made ? How do we choose it, taste it, keep it ? When can we drink it ? You will know everything about it, while travelling through the scenic Champagne Route and visiting the Champagne houses and winegrowers.

Illustration 0
Illustration 0 Vendangeur d'un jour
Illustration 1
Illustration 2
Illustration 2 Phare de Verzenay
Illustration 3
Illustration 3 Phare de Verzenay
Illustration 4
Illustration 4 Vendangeur d'un jour
Illustration 5
Illustration 5 Vendangeur d'un jour
Illustration 6
Illustration 6 Phare de Verzenay
Illustration 7
Illustration 7 Pré en bulles
Illustration 8

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