Athletes, strollers, walkers, each park or garden has its special characteristics to satisfy the expectations of visitors.

Champagne Park

Champagne Park is a paradise for joggers: trails and slopes, everything is here to improve their performance. It is also popular in the summer for enjoying the large, shady areas. This is also where the picnic concert “Flâneries Musicales” takes place in late July, which is the big event of the summer.

Parc de la Patte d’Oie

The Parc de la Patte d’Oie and the horticultural garden are both listed as "remarkable gardens". It's a pleasure to take a walk there and to admire the different species of plants that bloom between the fountains and ponds. Real moments of relaxation in view.

Leo Lagrange Park

The Leo Lagrange Park, the largest park in Reims, brings together sportsmen and leisure-lovers. The skatepark of 2,400 m² welcomes fans of sliding sports, while others do their jogging or wander around the pond. It's a pleasure to spread out your blanket at the edge of the water and spend a relaxing time around a picnic with family or friends.

The "Coulée Verte"

Between the canal and the River Vesle, the “coulée verte” [green flow] is a non-urbanised area where cyclists, runners and walkers cross paths. Rent a bike and follow the canal to Sillery. Along the way, you will appreciate these green areas, which constitute true reservoirs of biodiversity where fauna and flora find the natural habitats favourable to their maintenance.

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Last update : 07 June 2022

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